Blogger’s Block – my brain bandwidth has maxed out

Much like my Mac when the screen freezes and the little multicoloured wheel of doom appears, my brain has become so overloaded with ideas and thoughts on different things I could be doing on that it has reached maximum bandwidth and frozen.

This hasn’t happened to me for a while. I usually have ideas springing out of everywhere for blog posts and my main job is to edit the ideas down, so I don’t end up posting a shed load of nonsense on – the extent to which I succeed is debatable.

I think part of the problem is that I’ve been scooting round reading lots of other blogs for the first time in ages. There just wasn’t that much time in the run-up to Christmas. It’s not that the blogs that I regularly read aren’t darned fine, it’s just that the amount of brilliant blogs out there really is quite overwhelming, as is the the diversity of what constitutes a parenting blog or as is the case for many, a blog that happens to be written by a parent.

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and it feels good that I’ve managed to stay the distance. But I have to hold my hands up and admit that I really don’t know where I am going with at the moment! I don’t know quite what I want to be. I think I do and then I change my mind.

I’m enjoying doing an increasing amount of reviews, we went to The Sea Life London Aquarium last week and I have a post about our experiences due out later in the week. I’m also going to be putting my first big competition live on shortly, it’s for an overnight stay in London on Valentine’s night, so it’s a corker and I’m very excited to be able to run it.

But those things aside, it is the essence of that I am not quite sure about at the moment and that is what is really giving me Blogger’s Block. Who am I as a blogger? What do I stand for? Do I need to stand for anything? Should I be funnier – I so admire people who can be seemingly effortlessly funny when they write. Should I be more focused on parenting topics and also get back to doing more political rantings like A Mother’s Work Meme? Will I ever get round to posting all of the photos I’ve taken for ‘My Life In Shoes’?

For now I am going to click ‘Publish’ on this little musing, get snuggled up with Ma Puce on the sofa to make the most of the fact that snow has hampered her getting to nursery this morning and await my moment of clarity.

  • Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    Funnily enough, only yesterday, I thought to myself, I must tell Luci how much I’m enjoying her blog. I love never knowing what I’m going to read about. You’re intelligent and articulate and write well, no matter the subject. You’re one of the few people I read even when it’s a sponsored post, because you’re still you.

    I love what you do here. We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. I have recently been questioning things too, when seeing what other people do and have decided to go back to what makes me happy. Fewer numbers and more interaction. I hope your find your way soon too. X


      Oh wow, thanks so much, that is quite a compliment. It is really reassuring to see that you quite like the randomness of what I decide to post, I have been worrying that I’ve been going a little off piste of late. I guess ultimately it is about blogging in a way that makes me happy, I think I’m very happy to have a niche audience as it were, with lots of interaction, rather than global blog domination!! Thank you xx

  • older mum in a muddle

    Oh I have been through quite a few phases like you are going through right now. You write very well and in a very distinctive way (see above – Anya). You don’t need to be anything but the way you write and who you are in any given week – you don’t need to be funnier etc – just carry on doing what you do – this is your blog, your mirror, so write what you want, when you want. And take a break if you need to and I guarantee that you will come back to it fresh and with a hop in your step. X.


      That’s good to hear – well for my benefit it is! Thanks for the wise words, it was really getting me down this morning, but both you and Anya have made me feel so much better. I think I am an over-thinker, which is probably why I love blogging so much – all the more reason to think about stuff ahead of writing it down!! I’m going to try and let the block wash over me and await new inspiration xx

  • @motherwifeme

    Blogger’s Block has got me all tied up in brain knots!!! What do you do when you hit the block?

  • Claire Bottomley

    I can relate. There’s such freedom with your own blog, which is what’s so fun about it, but for some reason it’s a bit overwhelming and scary too sometimes?!


      Yes, overwhelming is certainly a good word for it. I think sometimes having too much choice is harder than not much choice when it comes to plotting the way ahead!!