Haribba! It’s the BritMums Carnival on mother.wife.me!


I know you probably won’t believe me and I am not prepared to post a photograph as evidence, but I am sitting here in full Rio Carnival style regalia, ready to welcome you to the BritMums Carnival on mother.wife.me. My thong is a little too tight, my spray tan has ruined my cream sofa, but I have a Caipirinha in hand and I’m raising a toast to welcome the fabulous BritMums Carnival throng (not to be muddled up with ‘thong’) of bloggers old and new who are taking part and keeping the BritMums Carnival spirit alive.

Of course one of the most fabulous things about a celebratory get-together is the chatter and banter. So, don’t forget to have a good ole chat with your fellow Carnival goers. Leave comments, gossip via Twitter, samba over to their Facebook Pages… and above all, have a happy BritMums Carnival everyone!

First to get going on the Carnival circuit is Lorraine from the appetisingly named Gin & Cornflakes blog. She’s making an early appearance because she also has another fiesta to celebrate today, it’s her daughter’s first birthday! Lorraine has kindly shared a post about dads, in fact it’s a post in praise of dads. Big up to that!

And speaking of birthdays, it’s also the birthday of Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer fame. She’s a little older than one, but doesn’t look a day over 21. Happy birthday lovely lady! Thank you for your calming and thought-provoking post on the subject of healing our children.

On a slightly different tip from birthday celebrations, Ruth at DorkyMum has posted in celebration of the many wonderful women in her life to mark International Women’s Day, which was on 8th March.

Moving now to a quieter part of the Carnival, Sarah from Older Mum in a Muddle has penned this beautifully worded post on the subject of park life, it’s part of her seasonal #OneWeek Linky.

And also chilling out in the quieter part of the Carnival alongside Sarah is Peggy from The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife, who has put together one mother of a to-do list, inspired by a blog post written by Bronnie Ware about the life-changing concepts that she learned in her work in palliative care.

Vicki at The Boy’s Behaviour has written a post that I am sure all parents can relate to… it’s about one of those light bulb moments when you realise the reason behind your child’s behaviour.  Why not have a read and then stop and chat to Vicki about your parental light bulb moments.

Maggy at Red Ted Art’s Blog is stealing a march on Easter with her idea for creating Easter chick lollipops. And if reading about lollipops has got you feeling hungry, hop over to Maggy’s other blog, Life At The Zoo, for a lesson in how to teach your kids to cook Haddock Chowder.

Hayley from SimplyHayley has just arrived on the BritMums Carnival route to pose a brain-tickling question to us all… what do we all think about sharing birthing photos? Grab a drink, have a read and then discuss the pros and cons with Hayley.

And whilst we are in controvery corner, I’m going to include a quick post from moi, it’s on the subject of everyday sexism. Yip, I really know how to get the party started…

Gretta from Mums Do Travel knows how to get all the ladieeez excited, she’s mentioned toyboy du jour Harry Styles and moots Simon Cowell’s possible involvement in World Book Day.

Feeling like your voice could do with a rest after talking over the Carnival music? Why not learn how to communicate in Morse Code? And better still, how to communicate in Morse Code through the medium of jewellery… yes really, take a look at this, it is simply genius. Thank you Make Do Mum.

Oh look,  Sophie has arrived to share a letter to her mother that she posted on her blog Franglaise Mummy on Mother’s Day. Don’t read this if you’ve had one to many Carnival cocktails, you’ll be in floods!

And talking of mothers, Sarah over at Crew Cuts and Newt has posted about that point when you stop being thought of as ‘you’ and start being thought of as ‘someone’s mum’ and all that it entails.

Fiona at the wonderfully named blog, Bike Lights in the Fruitbowl, is in high spirits as she tells us about the new spring in her family’s step, as they dart around London.

Lauren at Mummy Is A Gadget Geek needs a little cheering up after her journey on the bus with her two young children, where all eyes were on her and her brood as she tried to get from A to B. Get the lady a stiff drink!

Perhaps Lauren could be cheered up by reading this book recommended by Catherine at Story Snug. It’s about a fairytale hairdresser, gosh I could do with one of those!

Ok look, here comes on-trend Emma from Cocktails at Naptime, with a post that is bound to get tongues tails wagging. Yip, never one to let a style moment pass, Emma has documented the rise of the pet blogger in New Dogs on the Blog.

Ooh, who’s this? It’s a loved up Marianne. Correction. A NEWLY MARRIED loved up Marianne. And this is her love letter to her new husband Paul.

Yowzers I think I’ve been a social butterfly and been round to say hi to everyone at the Carnival. Hope all you revelers are having a great time. Do stay as long as you want and mingle with the other Carnival goers. This party has only just started, let’s make sure it is still going strong well into the night, haribba!

Hang on a minute, who’s this? It’s Katie from Chubs & Love, fashionably late to the party! But how could I not include this post about Katie finally coming out the other side of antenatal depression. Congratulations Katie.