Educating (as opposed to Rita) is going back to school! Well, not quite. But I’m about to get seriously educated on the subject of education. Yip! I’ve undertaken to start editing a monthly BritMums Education Round Up. I’ve even been added to the list of BritMums Contributing Editors, so it’s official!

Whilst I’m far from being a Tiger Mom, I do have a fascination with education. I regularly post on two education related topics; Montessori and French Non-Native Bilingualism.

On the Non-Native Bilingualism front, you might have noticed the Ma Puce section has disappeared from the blog. That’s because I’m in the throes of setting it up on its own blog. You can see the work in progress at 

Anyway, back to the BritMums Education Round Up. Education is a massive topic and I want the Round Up to be all-encompassing. So if you have recently posted on any education related subject, be it methods of education, types of education, home-schooling, extra-curricular learning… I want to know about it! Either leave a comment and link below or email me at motherwifeme at and I’ll have a read with a view to showcasing it in the Round Up.

  • Annie Hall

    What an exciting project! I’m passionate about education too – it’s been one of my greatest joys seeing my kids grow up and learn new things everyday. Do take a look at my new project – Help Your Child to Learn and my Blog:


      I will do, fantastic! Thanks for joining in!

  • Tania Tirraoro

    Special Needs Jungle is a blog all about special needs, education, resources and SEN updates. There’s even a book to go with it.


      Hello Tania

      Blog details and overview duly noted and added to the list for review for next Edu Round Up! Fabulous, thanks so much for getting in contact!

  • Yummy Mummy? Really?

    New Blog post at on the Oxford Reading Tree and why I hate Biff and Chip.

    I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment.


      Hello! A thought provoking post. I’m yet to (re-)enter the world of primary school, so haven’t encountered these books. One thing that does occur to me is, why do the characters have American names? Surely, if they are English books, i.e. not using the American version of the English language, they could at least choose some English / British sounding names!!!!