Cinderella cake #Project52

Cinderella cake #Project52

This weekend is Ma Puce’s birthday weekend. We have 28 kids to entertain on Sunday at Ma Puce’s Princesses and Pirates birthday party. This means we need a big birthday cake.

So the birthday cake was my mission for today. My brief from Ma Puce was “I want a princes cake mummy”.

My brief to myself was “keep it simple, you ain’t no Lorraine Pascale”.

I had a quick surf on Pinterest to gather ideas, I wanted to avoid a princess castles at all costs. I also wanted to avoide pink. Finally I came up with an idea… a cushion cake for Cinderella’s tiara. Ma Puce’s birthday is the one time of year I turn a blind eye to food colouring…

Icing a Cinderella birthday cake

Home made Cinderella cake, Cushion for Cinderella's Tiara, How to ice a Cinderella birthday cake

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