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Disclosure information for Mother.Wife.Me

Mother.Wife.Me is a personal blog written and created by Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh.

The views and opinions expressed on Mother.Wife.Me are always 100% my own unless otherwise stated. The only time that a view is not my own is in one of the following two instances:

  • Guest posts – these will always be clearly flagged as such, with links to the guest poster’s blog. I will never pay for guest posts and do not accept payment for editorial guest posts.
  • Sponsored posts – these will always be clearly flagged as such and my full disclosure policy for commercial projects is outlined below. If the post is a sponsored review, where I have been paid for my time to review a product, the reviews policy will remain as per the below with regard to honesty and integrity.

This blog does not contain any content that might present a conflict of interest.

Affiliate Links:

As of December 2013 I am starting to include affiliate links within my posts.


I will always make it clear on a post if a product has been sent to me as a sample for review by a brand / PR.

As a former PR  I understand, and I would like to ensure visitors to Mother.Wife.Me understand, that products sent for review are samples and not ‘freebies’. PRs send products out because they want the product reviewed, not by way of payment for a review.

Part of my review policy is that I won’t post a negative review. If I like a product in the main, but it has downsides, I will mention them. But if I don’t like a product full stop, it simply won’t get any space on my blog. Quite simply, I don’t want to waste my blog visitors’ time.

I guarantee all visitors to Mother.Wife.Me and any other interested parties that my views and opinions will always be 100% honest and trustworthy.

Unless agreed in advance, I will keep products sent to me for review and dispose of them at my discretion. I may at times choose to offer the product as a prize in a competition for visitors to Mother.Wife.Me.

Commercial Content

All commercial content will be flagged clearly as such.

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