First day at nursery #MagicMoments

Today is all about new beginnings for Ma Puce and me. Ma Puce is safely and happily ensconced in her new nursery and I am sat at my new desk, in my new study, in the room that used to be Ma Puce’s bedroom.

Fear not, MP is not now bedroom-less, we’ve upgraded her to a room that can take her ever-increasing stash of toys. The aim being that the toys will be in one room rather than spread out around every room, meanwhile I get her old room as my very own work lair.

I’ve had to be careful to position my new desk away from the window, because the window in this room overlooks the playground of her nursery. Well not directly, from here I get a clear view of the school playground, but if I crane my neck to the side I can see the nursery playground. But I thought it best to start as I mean to go on – more focusing on work, less Big Brother-style snooping.

So yip, the nursery and school are VERY close to our house. Oh the bliss of leaving precisely 45 seconds before we need to arrive in the classroom. Must ensure that I don’t get complacent and end up being marked as late every day.

The whole settling in process went very well. Ma Puce was her predictable shy self for the first half hour or so, but she slowly warmed up and started mixing with the other children. By the time I’d left she’d made play dough cookies, drawn me a picture, done some construction work and discovered the dressing up area.

In fact it was the dressing up area and aided my swift exit from the classroom – I’d discussed with her teacher that I’d leave her for half an hour. But as I told Ma Puce my plan I sensed she found that idea a little strange, so I offered to pick her up at the end of class – 12 noon. Bingo! She offered me a goodbye kiss and said a cheery “goodbye mum” and that was it.

So here I am. Bounding my way through a backlog of emails, reacquainting myself with after a summer break. And oh my does it feel different to when Ma Puce started her first nursery way back when she’d just turned two and I used refer to her on here as the Tinkerous Toddler. I remember walking her down to the little Montessori nursery and this little voice in my head telling me, “it’s too soon, she’s too young, just go back home.”

This time I feel a degree of freedom that feels so right. So I’m going to savour it. Savour my time working in my study whilst Ma Puce is busying herself with nursery shenanigans. And savour the time that we have together before mornings at nursery turn into full schooldays in a year’s time.

I’m linking this post up to Jaime’s #MagicMoments because the first day at a new nursery and the first day working in a new study surely are magic moments!