Threenage Miscommunication

Ma Puce is hugely interested in the workings of the human body at the moment. She was sat next to me on my bed a few mornings back, asking me about parts of the body, and I did my best to name them and explain their function.

Then she did one of her ninja small child moves and plonked herself right on top of my bladder.

“Oof” I exclaimed. “Careful darling my bladder is full of pee”.

“How does pee pee come out mummy?” She immediately asked.

“It comes down from the bladder and out of the body via the urethra” said I.

“But mummy, urethra is a very long way away!” exclaimed a perplexed Ma Puce.

As the cogs cranked into gear in my early morning afflicted brain I tried desperately to work out what the F n L she was on about.

“Darling, were you talking to nannie about her holiday plans yesterday afternoon?”

Turns out that was exactly what Ma Puce had been doing. My parents are off for a quiet holiday to… Ibiza


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