Liz Jones helps Save The Children sell charity cupcake book

So, Liz Jones has caused a bit of a stir in the blogosphere then. I rarely stray onto the Daily Fail website, but I couldn’t not take a look at the conscientiously inflammatory piece  she penned after already having brought attendees of Mumsnet BlogFest up to boiling point with her inane witterings.

But I’m not going to give Ms Jones any more space on my blog. Especially not as other bloggers including Anna Tims have already covered off everything so beautifully: Daily Mail Columnists Should Wear Burkas

Instead, I’m just going to pick up on one of her comments about attending a Mumsnet BlogFest event…

“Suddenly, rather than feeling I’m with a group of women who want to change the world, I am in a tangled teepee of virtual knitters, spinning yarns so they can remain inside their cupcake-scented world”

…and shamelessly use it as a segway to plugging a little book. A cupcake book, put together by a bunch of  ’Mummy Bloggers’. Yawn. Yes, I know. How awfully cliched. No doubt the follow-up will be about laundry basket anecdotes.

Ah. But I’ve forgotten to mention the real point of the book, The Bake It For Babies Cookbook. The idea for the book was conceived by a bunch of bloggers following a trip we made to a Save The Children conference. We got involved in the Mammasaurus led Blog It For Babies campaign to raise funds for Save The Children’s Build It For Babies initiative.

The book is a collection of cupcake recipes, beautifully illustrated by Doodlemum. My favourite recipe in the book is by Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes. It’s for a peanut butter cupcake – peanut butter as a nod to the special peanut paste used to help malnourished babies in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Quick fact: Did you know that one in 19 children in Bangladesh don’t live to see their fifth birthday? It’s because access to basic services such as healthcare are very limited. Simple as that. So, Save The Children started the Build It For Babies Campaign to raise money to build and equip seven life saving health clinics in Bangladesh.

The Bake It For Babies Cookbook is available to buy online: Bake It For Babies Cookbook. You can either buy a paperback copy – perfect for Christmas gifts – or if you want to keep your coffee table uncluttered, there’s a paperless online version too. All profits from the sale of this book are going to the Save The Children Build It For Babies initiative.

I know, I know. I’ve only gone and bashed out yet another cupcake scented ‘mummy blogger’ post, when I could have been using my time to bitch about other women whilst moaning on about my own sorry existence, so I could raise money for, err, myself.

That’s the thing with becoming a parent though. You start changing nappies and next thing you know, you want to help change the world for the better. And writing a blog is one way that I and many other parents out there can help in some small way to do that.

It might not be with every post; if you’re a blogger who happens to be a parent there will likely be the odd mention of those pesky kids and what they’ve been up to. But as you find your online voice, you can find a way to help effect change. One post at a time.

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  • older mum in a muddle

    I’ve been meaning to buy this – the sound of peanut butter cupcakes is a must!

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  • anya from older single mum

    Great take Luci and you have reminded me I want to put the add up in my sidebar. I was there with you at the initiation of this, discussing peanut butter recipe ideas, but am a rubbish baker. This is the least I can do.


      Yes, I am just about to do the same! It is great that we can all continue to support the campaign that started at that first blogging conference for many of us, back in the spring x