Mummy baking fail – 3rd birthday cake #SocialPix

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  • Michelle Twin Mum

    She won’t think it is a fail I’m sure. Happy birthday little one. Mich x


      Thank you! She didn’t, cake went down very well! x

  • Love All Blogs

    It’s cake and therefore cannot be a fail! I bet it goes in a flash ;)


      Well there’s a theory I like!!

  • wendy

    Happy Birthday, looks lovely xx


      Thank you xx

  • Ojo’s world

    I was expecting a complete disaster then, you really should see some of my attempts before calling that a fail!!
    I think she won’t care, its cake xx


      Thank you! It did go down very well at the party, which was a relief xx

  • Aly

    It looks yummy, why was it a fail?


      It just didn’t turn out how I imagined it would :(

  • Shahnaz

    Wow well done fab cake and Happy Birthday xxx “I cheated and got my sons made”


      That’s been my tactic in the past – my mum is such a great baker – but I had an urge to go DIY this year!!

  • Laura @ Chez Mummy

    I can’t see any sort of fail here. My eldest is nearly four-years-old and I’m still to attempt a homemade cake (for a variety of reasons, but my lack of baking skills is very near the top!). Hope it went down a treat


      Thank you! It did go down remarkably well. My top tip if you do decide to attempt one is to give yourself plenty of time, this cake took way longer than I imagined it would to ice!!

  • Emma

    Looks good to me :)


      Thank you ;))

  • older mum in a muddle

    That doesn’t look like a fail to me. Did Ma Puce – happy birthday! – enjoy it? I bet she did. Well it wasn’t a fail then!


      She did thank you, both at her joint party with her friend and at her family party yesterday. I have to say though, I spent most of the time in the kitchen baking, so am going to revise things somewhat for next year, so I get to spend some quality celebration time with her!!

  • Emma @mummymummymum

    I think it looks great, and I’m sure is very tasty!


      I think I learnt to love it!

  • Coombemill

    Not my idea of a fail and I bet it tastes far from a fail! Happy £rd Birthday


      Thank you, actually it did taste pretty good!

  • Actually Mummy…

    It looks great! What are you on about!? ;)
    I always think my cakes are a failure too but the kids love them…


      Just my usual witterings!!!! The kids did love it, there wasn’t much more than crumbs left after the party, guess that’s a good sign!

  • The Good Stuff

    Looks pretty good to me… if that’s a fail my cakes are a disaster!


      Aw, my mum is one of those cake-genius types, so anything short of her perfect creations feel a bit like a disaster for me – though she would never make me feel that way about them!

  • fivegoblogging

    It doesn’t look like a failure to me!


      Thank you, you are very kind!

  • HonestMum

    Looks fab to me. Oliver recently turned one but I was overawed to make a Thomas cake so I had it made. Well done you!


      You canny lass! I have to admit to having asked my mum to do MPs cakes for her first and second birthday, only thing is, she is such a hard act to follow!! Thank you for the vote of confidence! x

  • Alexander Residence

    chocolate, cake, right number, what more do they want from a birthday cake! Well done mum!


      Well, when you put it like that…!

  • Leyla – thisdayilove

    Looks lovely to me, if its a fail you are welcome to send it my way and I will happily eat it for you.



      Ha, thank you for your kind offer!! But mainly thanks for the compliment, I really did feel quite miserable when I’d finished making it, but everyone has been so kind with their comments x