Penguin footprints in ice #SocialPix and Silent Sunday


A little something from my Instagram feed taken during a trip to The London Sea Life Aquarium earlier this week.


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Silent Sunday

  • Notmyyearoff

    Those are very cute little feet. Lovely photo too!


      Thank you, being able to put my hands in their footprints was a real highlight of our trip the Aquarium! I am a small child still at heart!!

  • Funky Wellies

    Brilliant photo! It is not everyday that you come across penguin footprints…


      It’s amazing what you find in Victoria Park…!!!

  • shahnaz

    very cute x

  • wendy

    aww cute footprints xx

  • michelle twin mum

    Well, that si certainly different to all the other snow pics! Mich x

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  • Fivegoblogging

    Very cute!

  • Peggy

    Very sweet!

  • Minisaurus

    Happy and chilly feet!

  • helloitsgemma

    cute! I wonder if snow makes penguins feel super happy because they are supposed to be in snow

  • theminimesandme

    Was it Mumble? x

  • older mum in a muddle

    Loved this photo – how cute is that, and not something you see every day! X.

  • Foz

    awwwww cute prints!

  • Leyla – thisdayilove

    great prints


  • Mascara & Mud

    aah too cute!!