Review: Are the people at Popchips delusional?

Seriously! Are the people at Popchips delusional?!

Why on earth did they send me a clip  to keep my Popchips fresh after the bag has been opened? Have they ever tasted their own product? Do they seriously think that once I’ve popped I’ll be able to stop? (I realise I am skirting dangerously close to another brand’s catch phrase here, but I can’t help myself).

I must confess I’d had the delight of tasting Popchips before I was offered some for review. The little snorty piggie inside me played innocent as I confirmed I would be pleased to spend some of my very precious time reviewing a few bags of this awesomely moorish snack.

But the beauty of it is that I don’t feel too much like a snorty little piggie as I chomp away, because these are the healthier sister of the grease laden crisp. They’ve less than half the fat of fried potato chips, contain no trans fat and everything about them is natural – no fake colourings or flavourings. No preservatives either.

So that’s the ‘what they aren’t’ out of the way. Here’s the ‘what they are’… they are popped chips, the potato world’s answer to popcorn. And they come in array of flavours created with natural seasoning.

In short, I love these little crispy critters. So does my husband and Ma Puce. We truffled our way through three packs this afternoon without stopping for breath. My favourite is salt and pepper flavour. My other favourite is barbeque and my other favourite is sour cream…

 You can find out more about Popchips on the Popchips website


Disclosure: I was sent a box full of Popchips for review purposes *snorts with delight*. 

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