Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

  • Jaime Oliver

    wow that shot is so dramatic!


      Had me reaching for my camera as we went past at 90 (sorry, I mean 70 ahem) on the motorway!!

  • Erica Price

    That is a dramatic shot.


      It looked amazing that day, one of those ‘where’s my camera’ moments!

  • wendy

    wow amazing shot, love it xx


      Thank you! xx

  • ThiSdayilove

    That’s a really amazing shot


      Thanks so much!

  • Emma

    That is gorgeous… Something so impressive about these big beasts! :)


      Totally agree, wish we had some daaan saaaf!

  • Notmyyearoff

    I’m sure I’ve seen that a few times on one of my train journeys I remember being very impressed by it!

  • Liska

    Oooooh industrious xxx


      Like it!!

  • Misty

    That’s amazing! So dramatic


      They are my new favourite thing to photograph.

  • Mari

    Wow, amazing shot – did you stop the car for it?


      No! We were doing about 90 at the time (70 officially obvs!) I took a whole bunch of shots in quick succession and this was the best.

  • sarahmumof3

    such a great shot, we used to live near a power station but then they closed it down, the chimneys are still there and it makes for some good shots but not as great as when they were working like this


      There is something about the majesty of these old towers!

  • older mum in a muddle

    Wow that’s different and very cool. Smoke belch!


      It was a ‘must get to my camera’moment when I saw them!

  • Coombemill – Fiona

    Very dramatic!


      Aren’t they just!

  • Shahnaz

    Amazing shot….love it x


      Why thank you kindly!

  • mika

    OMG! This saddens me!

  • An Exeter Mum

    Is that Didcot? Great pic.


      Not entirely sure where Didcot is. We were somewhere on the A1M!! I am rubbish with locations!

  • Suzanne

    What an atmospheric shot – where were you? Nothing like a brilliant blue sky in winter is there?


      Half-way down the country somewhere on the A1M is all I know!!

  • Anya from Older Single Mum

    I put exactly the same #silentsunday as his in the summer! It was one of my first. Can’t remember the name, began with an R Power Station, no? Near Nottinham i.e. near my Nan :)