The alphabet according to a three year old

A is for…

“Mummy.” Said Ma Puce. “Which word starts with the letter ‘eh’?”

“Egg” I replied.

“Oh” said Ma Puce.

We were not long in the car and driving to ballet. Feeling all inspired by MP’s choice of conversation topic, I thought I’d do a little bit of alphabet coaching. Buoyed by a recent glowing report from nursery about her interest in letters and reading, I imagined myself getting that warm satisfied feeling that envelopes me when she does something really rather brilliant. Ma Puce liked the idea of the alphabet game. So we began.

“Which word begins with the letter ‘A’?


“No, that begins with the letter ‘Aitch.’ Apple begins with the letter ‘A’”

“Which word begins with the letter ‘Bee’?”


“No, that word begins with the letter ‘Aitch’. Baby begins with the letter ‘Bee’”

“Which word begins with the letter ‘Cee’?”


Ma Puce pauses for thought…



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