Big girls don’t need willies

Toilet humour with a twist

“Daddy has a willy.” Said Ma Puce as she hopped off the toilet after a pee.

She went on to elaborate, “He stands up to go for a pee-pee and goes swish, swish, swish”, whilst miming an impression of him standing at the toilet and peeing.

“But I don’t have a willy.” She continued.

“That’s right,” I said. “you don’t have a willy.”.

Before I could continue on with a brief explanation of the anatomical differences between boys and girls, Ma Puce offered up,

“Yes. I’m a big girl, I don’t need willies.”.

“Oh.” I said.

  • Bibsey Mama (@BibseyMama)

    Ha ha. Big Girls don’t need willies. If only…

    Bibs gets confused and she calls it a wellie… this has caused me great confusion at times.


    That’s hilarious, I can imagine the puzzled look on your face. I have a similar scenario now that Ma Puce loves watching Noddy in French, who’s French name happens to be Oui Oui. Now, I have once of twice almost dragged her to the toilet when she’s been demanding that she wants Oui Oui, only to realise she means the DVD!

  • Anya from Older Single Mum

    Goodness me it must have been tempting to say how much she’ll need/want them/one when she’s older? Or is your daughter never gonna do that?


      She will of course be under curfew and all men who go within a 50mile radius will be thoroughly vetted until she nears 40. I’m quite chilled about it all really…

  • Marie

    My best friend’s daughter mixes up “On purpose” and “by accident”. Makes us laugh when she comes to tell us what mess she made.


      Talk about landing herself in it!!

  • Tonya Watson


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  • Leyla – thisdayilove

    Thats rather cute


      hee hee!

  • Charlotte

    That is so funny! Glad she has it figured out. :0) x


      If only I’d been so wise… but then again, she wouldn’t be here now, hee hee x

  • Actually Mummy…

    Oh dear, I’m a bit worried about where she thinks her willy went when she grew up!


      Hadn’t thought of it like that!!!

  • older mum in a muddle

    Little A has been exactly the same – she’s fascinated with the differences – and like Ma Puce, loves announcing what a big girl she is now (but I hope Ma Puce finds her willy one day! :o) ).


      Hee hee, this stage is so funny, I am sure there will be some more memorable moments to come!

  • Lisa Nolan

    Right on sis-ta! (It reminds me of a cartoon for adults: a little girl is looking at her upper thighs, and a boy is looking at his, he says “I got one of these and you don’t.” The girl replies, “Well with one of these and can get as many of those as I want!”)

    I love that it’s called a willie, so much more dignified! (It that’s even possible! LOL!)


      Not a term used for it in the States then! You must start a trend!! Love the sound of the cartoon!!

  • Sarah @Grenglish

    Zachy is obsessed too. He said to me recently:
    I have a willy and daddy has a willy but you don’t have a willy and yiayia (Greek for Grandmother) doesn’t have a willy because you have boobs!


      Well he’s going to do well in biology at school, bless his heart!!