Top ten films to watch again and again

Top ten films to watch again and again

As we walked home from nursery one day last week, Ma Puce asked me, “Mummy, what’s your favourite film?” Cue a filmic re-run in my head of the last four decades of my life. Thing is, there are SO many films that I love. Where would I start? How could I define my favourites of all time?

So, I thought I’d start a little filmography for her, lists of films that I have loved and still love. Then, when she’s old enough, she can watch them herself and start to build up a picture of what has made her mother tick over the years…

This first list is of the films that I would happily watch again and again, in fact I HAVE watched all of these over and over through the years. The films I’ll happily curl up and watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

There’s one in the list that was made decades before I was born, but I love it so. There’s also a couple by Tarantino that have some pretty gruesome scenes, but as with all Tarantino, it’s the soundtrack combined with the film itself that makes them so watchable.

So, here’s my list of the films I could watch again and again. If you drew up your own list, how would it compare?

Top ten films to watch again and again

Grease – 1978

High Society – 1956

The Breakfast Club – 1985

Reservoir Dogs – 1992

Pulp Fiction – 1994

Clueless – 1995

Swingers – 1996

Anchor Man – 2004

Superbad – 2008

The Hangover – 2010