The White Company Orange Grove Candle Review

The White Company Orange Grove Candle

I’m starting to get very excited about Christmas. Very, very excited. It will be our first one hosted chez nous since our darling daughter came along. Part of the excitement revolves around being able to create a magical Christmas celebration in our home and actually being around to see it on Christmas Day.

So, it was with great pleasure that I received a little something from The White Company a few days ago. A candle. Now, I must admit it doesn’t have a very Christmassy name ‘Orange Grove’ but to me, the scent of orange is a big part of the Christmas sensory mix.

I lit the candle yesterday, we had a friend coming round for supper and I thought it would be a good chance to road-test it. I have to say it doesn’t have the strongest scent at first – I am a Dyptique fan and you KNOW when you have lit one of their candles. But then again, as the candle burnt, so the aroma of mandarin, bergamot and orange flower intensified. And a delicious and sumptuous aroma it is too. Totally on a Christmas tip.

At £20, compared to the much higher price of the aforementioned brand of candle that the PR for The White Company will probably turn white over me having mentioned in a review about The White Company Orange Grove Candle, it really is very good value for money. I should also mention that the usual simple but stylish packaging of The White Company makes it a great gift idea, alongside being one to stock up on as a little treat for yourself and your home.

Disclosure: The White Company Candle was sent to me for review. All opinions in this review are my own.

  • Louise

    Ooh, I love the smell of orange at this time of year – it reminds me of Terrys Chocolate Oranges and the satsuma I used to find in the bottom of my stocking each year.


      Oooh yes, I think I will be buying a Terry’s Chocolate Orange today now you’ve mentioned it! *willpower*

  • Mascara & Mud

    ooh! love a good smelling candle me!


      Me too, spesh when they either make me feel like I’m staying at a luxury spa or when they smell of Christmas!